Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Fair Lady


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Male lead - handsome, rich and powerful. Female lead, beautiful/average, poor, helpless/weak. Most dramas use this kind of plot but in this series, it's the other way around. The casts played their role well. Romance with a mix of comedy.

Hye-na Kang, the only successor of Kang-san Group, is the owner of the ‘Lady Castle’ and lives a ‘princess-like’ life with her servants. Hye-na’s parents died from a plane accident and her grandfather brought her up. Hye-na is strong-headed, selfish and world revolves around her; it is because she could not experience the warmth of family when she grew up.

One day, she comes across Dong-chan. He makes Hye-na to do community service, kidnaps her, and now appears in front of her as the new household manager! Hye-na makes every effort to throw him out from the castle, but this guy has tenacity in him! 


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